MK100 Setup Guide

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1. Plug in MK100 into a wall outlet. Do not plug anything into the device’s socket yet. The LED should be blinking fast (~0.5 s) blue.

2. Find the network with tasmota in the name. Here it is tasmota_846ADB-2779. This is the unit’s default name and can be changed later.

After connecting to the MK100’s access point a prompt may appear to configure network settings if you are on a mobile device. If this does not happen then please go to in a web browser on the device you connected with.

Here you can configure the WiFi network for tasmota. For AP1 SSId enter your home WiFi network’s name. For AP1 password enter the password for that network. AP2 can be used as a fallback network in case the AP1 network is unavailable, this is optional.

The hostname of the device is the name it uses on the network. When this process is complete the MK 100 will be accessible on your home network by going to http://{IP ADDRESS}, however it is often easier to use the hostname. 

If you set the hostname to be coffee-maker then you can navigate to the tasmota control page by going to http://coffee-maker.lan. This way you do not have to determine what IP address the device was given on the network. 

*Note: Some routers will use .local or .localdomain instead of .lan

The default hostname given by tasmota has two parts. The first denoted by the %s is automatically generated and will become the MQTT topic this unit can be controlled from. The part after the dash is derived from the last 4 digits of the ESP8266’s MAC address. This combination will be uniquely identifiable in an app such as Network Analyzer which lets you view information about all devices on a network. 

We recommend picking a unique hostname which is easily identifiable to you so that if you have multiple Unlocked Automation products they are easily distinguishable. Additionally if you decide to use control over HTTP methods then it’s important the address does not change which is possible with common DHCP networks. If you configure your HTTP control using hostnames then they will continue working if the IP address ever changes.

Please allow up to 30 seconds for the device to connect to your network. In the event you made a mistake in the SSID or password of your WiFi network the MK 100 will reset itself and return to broadcasting its own access point where you can restart this process. If for some reason that does not happen, hold down the button on the MK 100 for 40 seconds to hard reset.

In Network Analyzer you can see the device listed with the IP Address It is also listed as coffee-maker.lan 

Here is the control and configuration site for tasmota. Here you can control the state of the relay manually with the toggle button as well as configure MQTT and other settings.

Tasmota allows control using HTTP commands which is a simple way to control switches from any internet connected device regardless of platform. 


http://coffee-maker.lan/cm?cmnd=Power%20On will turn on our device.