Siri Setup Guide

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In this guide we will show you how to use the iOS App shortcuts to control Unlocked Automation plugs with Siri. 

*Note: Tasmota is not compatible with Homekit out of the box. You must use additional software like Homebridge or openHAB to get near-native HomeKit functionality.


The shortcuts app allows you to create sequences of iOS actions which can be used from Siri. Here we’re going to make two shortcuts for controlling the MK 100. 

1. Create a new shortcut and name it Turn On Coffee

2. Add a URL object which is under the Web section and set it to the HTTP command you want to do

3. Add a “Get contents of URL” action to your shortcut and press done

4. Press the shortcut’s button within the Shortcuts app to test

5. Trigger using Siri

You can add another one for turning the device off. The tasmota commands list is extensive and all of them can be controlled via HTTP. With a little parsing it is possible to retrieve all sorts of information this way. Alternatively if you are interested in getting HomeKit working properly then there are several ways using MQTT with home automation controllers like openHAB and Home Assistant.