July 2020

Siri Setup Guide

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In this guide we will show you how to use the iOS App shortcuts to control Unlocked Automation plugs with Siri.  *Note: Tasmota is not compatible with Homekit out of the box. You must use additional software like Homebridge or openHAB to get near-native HomeKit functionality. The shortcuts app allows you to create sequences of iOS actions which can be used from Siri. Here we’re going to make two shortcuts… Read More »Siri Setup Guide

MK100 Setup Guide

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1. Plug in MK100 into a wall outlet. Do not plug anything into the device’s socket yet. The LED should be blinking fast (~0.5 s) blue. 2. Find the network with tasmota in the name. Here it is tasmota_846ADB-2779. This is the unit’s default name and can be changed later. After connecting to the MK100’s access point a prompt may appear to configure network settings if you are on a… Read More »MK100 Setup Guide